Whether you are looking for Spanish language supplements for your classroom or are looking for curriculum for a dual immersion core program, we will help you find what you need!

Browse some of our selections below:  New programs are coming out all the time, please check in with us to find out what's new!

National Geographic Learning:

NEW!  Coleccion Ventanas.  Authentic Spanish Literature for grades K-6!


NEW! National Geographic World History- Great Civilizations 6-8

A Wonderful Collection of titles from the National Geographic Society, 30% off and free shipping!

A Wonderful Collection of titles from the National Geographic Society, 30% off and free shipping!

                   NEW!   Spanish Poetry K-6

                   NEW!   Spanish Poetry K-6

Canciones y cuentos

Includes Spanish levels K-2, this program incorporates songs and stories for a unique way of learning. 

NGL Explore

Explore provides Spanish in social studies and language arts for Middle School grades 6-8 in a magazine article. Several articles in a book are adapted for National Geographic magazine and feature National Geographic explorers currently working in the field.  

NGL GLoBal Issues

Global Issues focuses on environmental and geographic issues happening in the world today. This program includes 3 levels in English or Spanish for Grades 6-8. 


For Grades 6-8, this program teaches about world cultures and helps prepare students for a globalizing world in Spanish or English. 

NGL Exploring Science

Exploring Science provides science based learning including case studies for grades 6-8 also in Spanish for K-5 and is written for NGSS.

and National Geographic Ladders  CCSS

Ladders language arts is created for Grades 3-5 with 4 reading levels in Spanish or English. The program can be in Common Core standards.

 Social Studies and content literacy

This programs for Grades 3-5 with text focus on social studies in Spanish or English.

also Science

Ladders Science teaches with life science, earth science, physical sciene and STEM text in English or Spanish for Grades 3-5.

Windows on Literacy

Windows on Literacy helps and challenges students in reading leading to success for Grades K-3.

Capstone Classroom

Hundreds of book titles in Spanish to choose from!


New Spanish Phonics and Grammar program from Benchmark!

Phonetica y gramatica

Sound Spelling Transfer KIT  

NEW From Benchmark!


from Benchmark

These materials have Spanish written first for K-2 grades with multi-level books. With support and language development this program helps maintain reading achievement.

Benchmark Literacy CCSS Core ELA K-5

This reading and writing program that is based on informational and literary text. It includes text based questions and vocab to create a well rounded program for Grades K-5. 


Text Connections for Grades K-6 include 4 different genres of books and includes text question cards to enable close reading and focus.

Anchor comprehension Workshop

Anchor Comprehension Workshop provides instructors for Grades K-6 with key comprehension for the Common Core standards. The program allows for monitoring of progress and assessments, assorted posters for instruction, leveled books for group and individual practice, with the opportunity for digital copies. Text based question cards help students to prepare for Common Core assessments.

Readers and Writers Genre Workshop

This program supports ELA genre and writing standards and includes cross-text analysis for state assessments. Readers and Writers Genre Workshop has many different reading levels and goes to Grade 6.

Cuentos Clasicos

60 stories and international stories that include leveled reading for enhanced understanding. Cross text analysis cards and text comprehension cards allow for answers with evidence from the readings.